Donate now to mitigate your carbon impact AND provide funds for Cleveland Climate Action projects!  Cleveland Climate Action Fund is an advised fund at the Cleveland Foundation and donations are tax-deductible. Click here to see all the ways you can contribute to the Fund. If you want to give to mitigate your carbon output please visit this page to .

We offer 3 easy ways to donate:

1) Complete this form and send it and a check by mail
2) Call us to place a donation with a credit card (216) 664-2155
3) Donate by credit card  through the Cleveland Foundation website:

One example of how your donations serve the community:
You donate to CCAF to mitigate your annual carbon emissions from travel* → CCAF provides 100% of these funds as grant money to a block club to build a community garden to give fresh produce to the elderly → You receive a statement verifying your tax-deductible charitable contribution from the Cleveland Foundation → The cycle of giving continues as the projects your dollars funded continue to thrive!

Thank you to our numerous individual donors:
We appreciate your generosity and respect your anonymity.

Thank you to our organizational donors:
Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Foundation
Funders’ Network: Partners for Places Program
George Gund Foundation

Thank you to our in-kind supporters:
Cleveland Neighborhood Progress
City of Cleveland
Enterprise Community Partners
GreenCityBlueLake Institute

*Visit our resources page to calculate your carbon footprint